NYC's Premier Recycler of Construction Debris

Cooper Recycling operates the largest construction and demolition debris recycling facility in NYC. With over one mile of conveyor belts connecting more than one hundred pieces of machinery, our brand new state-of-the-art sorting line is designed to process 2,000 tons per day and maximize the recovery of incoming material to beneficial end uses. We are excited to offer improved customer service through our new four-scale operation, which will result in shorter lines and less wait time.

Cooper Recycling is a proud member of the US Green Building Council and is the only facility in NY that is certified by the Recycling Certification Institute. We provide LEED reporting services and are the only facility in NYC that qualifies projects for a bonus LEED point under LEED v4.

Cooper Recycling has been operating in Brooklyn since 1986 and is a privately held, woman-owned, family-operated business with MWBE certification from NYC. We have been proud leaders in the environmental movement for over thirty years, and constantly seek to improve our operation through new recycling technology.

Fact & Figures

24 Hours / 6 Days

  • We operate 24 hours per day, Mondays through Saturdays

2,000 Tons of Material Daily

  • We can process 2000 tons of material daily - more than 1 billion pounds per year

Achieve Zero Waste

  • Our primary goal: maximize recovery of incoming material

Reduce Reliance on Landfills

  • We actively seek and develop new markets & recycling methods to reduce our reliance on landfills

Safety and Reliability

  • Our team works hard to underscore the importance of safety and reliability

MWBE Certified

  • Cooper Tank Recycling is women-owned and MWBE Certified

RCI Certified

  • We are the only facility in NY with RCI certification; up to 3 LEED points available under LEED v4

LEED Reporting

  • LEED reporting is available per load and job site




Paper / Corrugate



Screened Fines / Alternative Daily Cover

LEED Reporting Services

Cooper Recycling provides LEED reports by request and is available per load and job site. Currently, we are the only recycling facility in NY to have received certification from the Recycling Certification Institute (RCI). Under LEED v4 MRpc87 US Green Building Council will provide an extra LEED point for C&D material that is taken to certified facilities such as ours.

The program, developed by the Construction & Demolition Recyclers Association & USGBC, strives to ensure integrity, transparency and reliability in the recovery / recycling reports of participating C&D recycling facilities.

Per MRpc87, project teams must:
1) Meet the minimum recycling requirements of the C&D credit(s) in the applicable LEED rating system; and,
2) Utilize a recycling facility that processes and recycles comingled C&D materials that has received third party certification of their recycling rates.




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